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Clergy taxes shouldn't be so complicated and time consuming. You just want to be done so you can get back to your ministry and family.


As a clergy member, you have unique tax realities such as minister housing allowance (MHA) and self employment tax. As a former missionary staff member with Cru, I understand not only the tax realities you face, but also the nuances of raising support and clearing ministry expenses.

Are you looking for a CPA who has a better understanding of clergy taxes and life as a pastor or missionary? Wooten CPA PLLC exists to serve clergy in order to bring peace to your financial and tax planning responsibilities.

clergy taxes



Wooten CPA PLLC is a CPA firm that provides many different services to bring peace to your financial and tax responsibilities. If there's a service related to clergy taxes you're interested in that isn't listed here, please contact me to see what options are available to you. If Wooten CPA PLLC cannot meet your needs, I'll help you find someone who can.

Wooten CPA PLLC provides the following services (and more) for clergy at a 10% discount.



Tax planning

Going beyond compliance by providing planning tips and analyzing different scenarios to help clergy members prepare for and minimize tax liability.

IRS Representation

Serving clergy members who need help resolving tax problems with the IRS or state authorities by identifying the issues and finding potential solutions.


Helping clergy members think through and plan their Minister Housing Allowance in order to maximize this tax saving benefit.

FAFSA Assistance

Assisting clergy members with this complex form that is required when applying for federal financial aid.

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