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Tax preparation shouldn't be so complicated and time consuming. You just want to be done so you can get back to your life. As a husband and father, I understand the desire to spend more time with family and less on 'chores' like tax preparation.


Self-prep software can save money, but costs time. Franchise firms use minimally trained preparers who walk through the same basic interview the self-prep software does. Typical CPA firms focus on increasing their client base at the expense of personal service.


Wooten CPA PLLC exists to serve individuals and families in order to bring peace to your financial and tax planning responsibilities. You meet one-on-one with your CPA, your tax situation is explained to you in plain language, and the focus is on your financial goals and your peace of mind.

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The tax preparation & planning service options are for those looking for anything from "let's just get it right and taken care of" all the way to "let’s go beyond simple tax preparation and dig into your goals and financial realities to make sure you’re on track and where you want to be when it comes to your whole financial picture".


tax preparation & planning

taking away the hassles of tax preparation



This is the best option for someone who wants to begin looking forward and proactively plan for the future in ways that could legally reduce their taxes and would like more time with their CPA for advice and guidance.


This is the most popular option. It is for those who want year-round support. It includes the ability to text, call, or email anytime with tax questions. It also includes free assessments of any tax notices received during the year.


This option is for someone who understands their taxes well but does not want to spend their own time doing it themselves and wants to simply comply with the laws to file and pay their taxes.

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*Pricing is based on the complexity of your tax preparation needs & the level of service selected. Complexity includes items such as rental property, sole proprietor business, stock trades, and other items that require additional tax forms.

Wondering what the process looks like? Click here to see a summary

of the headache-free tax prep process with Wooten CPA

Click Here for a brief description of the different service options.

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Wooten CPA PLLC provides many different services in addition to tax preparation to bring peace to your financial and tax responsibilities.

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