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What is my allowable housing allowance?

"I never knew MHA could be limited by these other amounts"

"I'm not sure what expenses are qualified expenses for MHA"

"I just want a worksheet to keep track of my calculations"

Whatever the reason, this tool can help with MHA calculations.


Did you know that you may be excluding too much as MHA?

Did you know you need to calculate the Fair Rental Value of your home?

Did you know there are some expenses that should not be counted towards MHA?

Watch for MHA tips and a preview of the calculator

Download now

This tool will help you track and/or calculate your allowable expenses for minister's housing allowance. It will help you compare the (1) designated amount to the (2) actual amount spent to the (3) fair rental value in order to determine the excludable amount of income for income tax purposes.

*Information entered here will only be used by Wooten CPA PLLC for communication and/or marketing purposes.

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