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Are you looking for a coach to help you grow your tax or bookkeeping business? Well, I don’t do coaching. Honestly, I believe most of the options are a waste of money. I believe the majority of these coaches make a killing by exploiting the hopes and fears of individuals to whom they promise guaranteed success. You’ve seen it, they say:

✅ Want to make $10,000 a month
✅ From home, part time
✅ No experience in tax or bookkeeping needed
✅ I have secrets that you need
✅ Insert false hope statement
✅ Add ridiculous promise here

Don’t spend thousands trying to get these “secrets” others have… because it isn’t true.


I’ve been a CPA since 2008. I have some big firm experience and small firm experience as well as corporate experience and now I own my own firm. I grew it from $0 - $200,000 in 24 months (but honestly, growing revenue isn’t the hard part, doing the work correctly is). I want to actually keep working my tax business, NOT transition to coaching because as I mentioned already, I don’t like the trend I see in that space.


for other tax and bookkeeping professionals

Can you expect the same growth I’ve seen? I have no clue. Maybe you’ll grow faster, maybe slower. Anyone who promises or says otherwise is lying so that you hand over your hard earned money.

It isn't some coaching program... It's just a conversation. I’ll tell you what I did and I’ll answer any question you have. I’ll tell you what I’ve seen, done, and experienced over the past 15+ years in my public accounting and industry accounting roles. Maybe it’ll save you from wasting thousands on a coaching program or perhaps even save the headache altogether if this isn't the best career option for you right now. Bonus: once I know you, I'll answer emails within 24-48 hours without some sort of expensive monthly subscription fee. After all, when you're just starting the last thing you need is a recurring monthly expense. 

Image by Priscilla Du Preez

Schedule a time with me to ask your questions related to marketing, billing practices, pricing techniques, engagement letters, tax questions, bookkeeping questions, or whatever else you are currently dealing with.

for professionals


Kerry R.

Missoula, MT

"I have appreciated all the help (& patience) as I navigated a proposed budget for the first time."


what people are saying

Faye W.

Mission Viejo, CA

"Brad has always been patient with me as I continue to learn to navigate my financial world."

Jess A.

Portland, OR

"Brad has been a light in the darkness of confusing budget and money questions."

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