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What does my Cru salary equate to outside of Cru?

"I feel the Lord calling me to another career"

"I want to be informed, just in case"

"I'm just curious"

Whatever the reason, it is difficult to compare your salary to other jobs.


Some of the differences between Cru salaries and other jobs:

  • Tax free minister's housing allowance

  • Tax treatment as a self-employed missionary

  • Insurance costs are staff account charges, not salary

  • Out of pocket medical expenses can be reimbursed from staff accounts

Get the tool now

This tool will factor in each of these differences and provide an estimate of your equivalent salary outside of Cru. It is useful for those who are looking to compare their Cru salary to a salary that is not treated as pastor or clergy wages for tax purposes. It is not for comparing to self-employed earnings. It is also not for comparing to a pastor or missionary role with another ministry or church, as that would likely be similar to Cru. 

*Information entered here will only be used by Wooten CPA PLLC for communication and/or marketing purposes.

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