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Do you enjoy preparing your own taxes, but are looking for a Turbotax alternative? Are you trying to save some money and don't want to pay for a professional tax preparer? Wooten CPA PLLC understands. 

Many people use a self prep software, but might be looking for a Turbotax alternative. While many people would greatly benefit from hiring a CPA, some individuals with simple tax returns feel comfortable completing their own returns. 

Wooten CPA PLLC uses professional software from Drake Tax to prepare all returns. Drake offers a self prep software as a Turbotax alternative for non-professionals that you can use that is generally less expensive than other self prep software. 

Use the link below to find out more about as a Turbotax alternative and if it is the right solution for you if you plan to self prepare your tax returns this year. 

Turbotax alternative


Turbotax alternative

If you were self preparing your tax return and realized that you would rather not spend so much time working on it yourself or feel like you are in over your head, hiring Wooten CPA PLLC can also be a great Turbotax alternative!

Additionally, if you want to self prepare your tax return but have Wooten CPA PLLC look it over, sign as the preparer, and e-file your return, please set up an appointment to learn more about this Turbotax alternative and how it can help you balance cost with peace of mind.



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