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The Power of Small, Sustained Changes in Personal Finances

As part of my CPA Firm in Lake Nona, a community within Orlando, FL "the City Beautiful", I see a lot of people get excited about making tax or personal finance changes only to fail to stick with them for any significant amount of time.

In the world of personal finance, it's easy to get caught up in the allure of large, seemingly impactful changes. We often set lofty goals, fueled by enthusiasm and motivation, only to find ourselves burnt out and discouraged a few months later. The truth is, real success in personal finances lies in the realm of small, sustainable changes over long periods of time. Let's jump into why slow and steady truly does always win the race.

Sustainability Breeds Success:

Radical changes may yield initial results, but they often fizzle out due to their unsustainable nature. On the other hand, small, manageable adjustments become integrated into our lifestyles, creating lasting impact.

The Power of Compound Effect:

Much like the compound interest that grows investments, the compound effect also applies to our spending and saving habits. By consistently making small adjustments in our financial behaviors, we set in motion a chain reaction of positive outcomes. Over time, these changes accumulate, resulting in significant improvements.

Aligning with Human Behavior:

We are creatures of habit. Drastic changes disrupt our established routines and can lead to resistance and burnout. By making small, incremental shifts, we work with our natural inclinations, making it easier to sustain positive financial practices in the long run.

Mitigating Overwhelm:

Large-scale changes often come with a steep learning curve and can overwhelm even the most determined individuals. In contrast, smaller changes are more digestible, allowing us to focus on mastering one aspect before moving on to the next. This approach minimizes stress and fosters a sense of accomplishment.

Testing and Adapting:

As a proponent of tested, proven solutions, I've found that small changes offer a controlled environment for experimentation. We can evaluate their effectiveness and adjust as needed without risking major financial repercussions. This iterative process leads to refined strategies tailored to our unique circumstances.

In the realm of personal finance, the tortoise truly beats the hare. Embracing small, sustained changes allows us to align with our natural behaviors, harness the power of compounding, and cultivate lasting financial well-being. Let's shift our focus from grand gestures to the steady, deliberate steps that pave the way to enduring financial success. Remember, slow and steady always wins the race.


I enjoy helping individuals with tax preparation and tax planning as well as offering financial coaching to individuals (and businesses) looking to overcome challenges and reach their financial dreams. I also service businesses (including nonprofits and churches) by providing tax preparation and tax planning as well as consulting for accounting, bookkeeping, and other finance related questions. I live in Orlando, FL, but I serve clients all across the country. Contact us if you need assistance and take a look at the resource page.

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